It’s official: TRT confirms non-return to Eurovision 2018!

It’s official: TRT confirms non-return to Eurovision 2018!

Since the last days there were several rumours that Turkey will return to the Eurovision Song Contet 2018 in Portugal as TRT has a new general director. These rumours seems to be fake once again as both the deputy prime minister and TRT announced today that Turkey won’t return to the contest in 2018.

Answering the question of the journalists, Bekir Bozdag, the deputy prime minister answered to the question if Turkey will return to Eurovision next year that:”At the moment this isn’t the case.”

Right after the announcement TRT confirmed via its Twitter page that Turkey won’t return to Eurovision 2018.

See the tweet here!

It seems like we won’t see Turkey returning to the contest for a while unfortunately.

What do you think about TRTs decision? Would you like to see Turkey back at the contest? Tell us in the comments section below.

Source: TRT Haber

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